Walk and a Talk with Tashan Bradshaw-Brown

Tashan Bradshaw is a 28-year-old from Archway, north London. He is the creator of I Train How I Play (ITHIP), a lifestyle brand which includes personal training, coaching, fashion and music. Tashan developed the I Train How I Play philosophy during a disillusioned spell playing in the National Premier League in Jamaica. Before this, Tashan spent several years jumping between semi-professional clubs and trials at Premier League clubs, including Tottenham Hotspur where – at 16 – a torn hamstring led to him losing out on a youth training contract to Crystal Palace and England winger Andros Townsend.

    1. When did you start working/living/socialising in the area? 

I was raised in north London and was born in the house my family own in the area.

  1. How has the area changed since?

The Urban Partners area has changed due to its facilities and the new King’s Cross area holds better restaurants, more site seeing and a great new energy.

  1. What’s your favourite place in the area?

I have two favourite places. The first being the house my family own and the second being Regent’s Canal as I spent a lot of my time in summer 2018 there project planning for ITHIP and designing clothing. It is very peaceful there.

  1. What do you love about our neighbourhood?

I love the fact the neighbourhood is taking a change for the better, as in new buildings and also sites for the new generation to look forward to experiencing.

  1. What’s your favourite community activity in the area?

I’ve always been a part of the Copenhagen Youth Project, so any activities held here whether it being music or meetings I’ve held with creative people and having access to be part of projects in the community.

  1. What is your favourite story about the area?

My favourite story would be attending the 2018 Cally Festival on Caledonian Road, which is an annual celebration of everything the area has to offer. I loved being a part of this project and hosting/performing a fashion show of my brand ITHIP in front of over 7,000 people.

  1. What’s the best community initiative you have seen in the local area?

The fact that a lot of youth clubs across London have closed down, yet CYP is still open and running says a lot about the work that goes on there. A lot of positivity has come out of the youth club and has kept a lot of young people out of negativity.

  1. What challenges will the area face in the future?

The youth not having enough positive role models to look up to due to a lack of projects and fun activities in the area.

  1. Where do you see our neighbourhood in the next ten years and what kind of image will it have?

Youth to be able to have more than ten role models in different fields to be able to look up to. There will be an increased positive energy in and around the neighbourhood. Image wise I would hope that the streets are cleaner, there is maybe more art and creative aspects painted from the local young people to create more inspiration.

  1. If our neighbourhood had a theme song, what would it be and why?

Gerry and The Pacemakers – You’ll Never Walk Alone!