Walk and Talk with Sophia Mina

This month we took a Walk and Talk with Sophia Mina, a singer, writer and performer. She is a youth ambassador for Tileyard Impact, a creative and member of the youth board at The Roundhouse, as well as a Mental Health Advocate.

  1. When did you start working/socialising/living in the area?

I started socialising in the area for music reasons from around 2016. A music manager that was helping to represent me at the time, started taking me down to the Notting Hill networking events at Tileyard.

Then last year I was on Capital Xtra Music Potential Program and they took us to visit YouTube, which was amazing. But, I also attended a career’s day at Google arranged by Urban Partners, where I met Wizdom Lane the Founder of Tileyard Impact. I later joined the songwriting work experience and I am now a youth ambassador for the programme.

  1. What’s your favourite place in the area and why?

Probably the walk down from the mini fountains in Granary Square that pop up from the floor and walking through all the offices to the giant swing. I love doing that walk down from Tileyard. It’s also great for romantic walks in during the evening, with all the lights up, which is something I have not done yet, but is on the to do list! Haha

3. What do you love about our neighbourhood?

How busy it is, there’s so much going on such as the market outside the station. The station itself is amazing and having so many different music-oriented businesses in the area is definitely a key seller for me that’s for sure.

  1. What’s your favourite community activity in the area?

For me probably the monthly networking event at Tileyard, as it brings together people in music from all different places in the world. Other than that, I haven’t experienced any as of yet, apart from the one we are currently working on, which I am really excited about. 🙂

  1. What do you think of the Urban Partners expansion for a Youth Delivery Group?

I think it’s a great idea, because our age group will bring ideas, opinions and voices probably wouldn’t be heard on a panel of people who are only 25 and over. We help keep things relevant, because we can always go and speak to the youth and the youth are the future. So, it’s very important.

  1. What’s the best community initiative you have seen in the local area?

I don’t know the area that well, but definitely all the work that Urban Partners does and their outreach, because it definitely goes a long way and creates a lot of amazing opportunities to young people.

  1. What challenges will the area face in the future?

Overpopulation. So, there may be lack of being able to provide for the whole of the local community or offer out enough opportunities.

  1. Where do you see our neighbourhood in the next ten years and what kind of image will it have?

That Urban Partners would have successfully integrated the local community with all the big business offices. They’ll be monthly events and gatherings for them and mail outs celebrating local community finding work within the area.

  1. What famous quote would you used to describe the area and why?

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Because it shows how far we’ve come with the time that we’ve used wisely. But even more that is yet to come, if we continue to do so.


Keep up to date with the work Sophia undertakes: www.sophiamina.com and sophiaminaofficial on Instagram.