Walk and Talk with Patrick Luk

Patrick Luk is the Marketing and Communications Manager for the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Originally from Hong Kong, he moved to the UK 15 years ago to study here, and never left!

1. When did you start working/socialising in the area?

I only started in September. I have always passed by the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel and admired their stunning architecture. Then suddenly, I landed this amazing job and began my journey in marketing for hospitality and hotels. Before that, I was working for a social media agency and executive search recruitment agency as a Marketing and Creative Lead.

2. How has the area changed since then?

I have lived in London for four years now. During this short period, King’s Cross has transformed and become one of the main technology hubs in London with big players like Google and Facebook moving in. Moreover, there are so many other places to visit, eat and experience here now, like Coal Drops Yard, Granary Square and House of Illustration.

3. What’s your favourite place in the area and why?

My favourite place has got to be Coal Drops Yard. I am always a big fan of creativity and the way they have transformed old coal warehouses into an innovative building that is connected by roofs that curve out to touch each other. There are unique shops, a diverse range of restaurants and bars like Barrafina, fantastic Spanish tapas, if you haven’t checked it out yet! Lastly, there’s an impressive experience at the Samsung KX, where money can’t buy anything there.

4. What do you love about our neighbourhood?

The vibe and creativity. With the growing popularity of our neighbourhood, more and more places are opening and you will never run out of places to discover, visit and get inspiration from.

5. What’s your favourite community activity in the area?

Although I am quite new in the area, I think it’s the Story Garden that has a green and positive impact where they bring together the local community for food growing, communal meals, activities and storytelling, I guess it reminds me of where I came from.

6. What is your favourite aspect of the work Urban Partners does?

It’s the way Urban Partners connects local businesses with each other to bring interesting activities and partnerships to a closer community within the neighbourhood.

7. What’s the best community initiative you’ve seen in the local area?

It must be the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel receiving the Green Key award and getting the certificate of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. Congrats to us!

8. What challenges will the area face in the future?

From my perspective, it’s the competition in the food and beverage sector. As more businesses are moving into the King’s Cross area, more restaurants and bars are opening like the upcoming Goods Way. However, this also means higher demand and more opportunities for our outlets to target this audience.

9. Where do you see our neighbourhood in the next ten years and what kind of image will it have?

King’s Cross is going to be one of the major areas in London. Becoming the Silicon Valley of the UK and one of the top technology hubs within Europe, especially with fast connections with Eurostar to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.

10. What famous quote would you use to describe Urban Partners and why?

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney. Urban Partners is great at activating ways to connect the local community, especially with the interactive networking events. This quote describes actions speak louder than words.