Here at Urban Partners, we are committed to making our neighbourhood a better place to live, work and study.

We are collaborating with Camden Giving a local charity that works with businesses and addresses local needs, to improve the lives of people in Camden that experience poverty and inequality. Camden Giving are supporting local employees who want to make a difference to local communities through various skilled and one-off volunteering opportunities.

Working together, we aim to get 200 volunteers from Board and Executive UP Members, to work with local charities in Camden as many employees within our members have invaluable skills and expertise. This support is vital to small charities in the area, who unfortunately do not have the funds to do this without external assistance.

There are two types of volunteering that we are promoting:

Soft volunteering includes among other things, helping non-native speakers improve their English, being a visible presence at events and cleaning projects.

Hard volunteering includes among other things, financial and HR advice, marketing expertise and branding support.


The role of Camden Giving is to match the skills offered by volunteers, to charities in the local area who require those specific skills.

If you are an employee of an Urban Partner paid member and would like to offer your support and volunteer please find more information and register here (pw: Urban Partners).

If you would like to check if your business is eligible for this, then please check here, an identification process will be carried out once you have submitted your dates.

If you are not eligible for the above programme but would still like to offer your expertise and volunteer, please complete the following form. We shall be in touch with you when a local volunteering opportunity becomes available. Form here.