Top Ten…Outdoor Work Spaces

Sitting in a hot, stuffy office in August is never ideal, especially when every e-mail results in a slurry of annual leave bounce-backs from people on their trips to the Bahamas, Ibiza or a long weekend in Cannes. We think we have the antidote, though, with our Top Ten Outdoor Workspaces, we bring you the best of a holiday atmosphere whilst being productive in the heart of Euston, King’s Cross and St Pancras.

1. Granary Square and Regents Canal Steps

Granary Square has all the summer necessities: outdoor dining options, fountains, seats, the brilliant Regents Canal Steps, and its very own ice cream truck, Ruby Violet. Pick up some refreshments, take a pew and get that laptop out!


2. The British Library

Whether you’re crunching numbers, pounding keys or getting on with some research, The British Library is the place to do it. With an outdoor café for when the sun shines, as well as indoor options with a coffee stop and restaurant indoors and plenty of seating, you’re sure to be covered whatever the weather brings. Don’t forget to visit one of their free events when you need a break!

3. Handyside Gardens

Handyside Gardens comes in handy for plenty of things: a quick break, an alfresco lunch, or an outdoor meeting!

4. The Lighterman

With its views of Granary Square’s fountains on one side of the restaurant and Regents Canal on the other, the glass-walled upstairs of this restaurant is perfect for bringing the outdoors in, and if the weather stays warm, they have a balcony too!

5. Searcys St. Pancras

It might not seem like the obvious summer choice, but Searcys is light, bright and airy, providing you with some protection from those inevitable summer showers. It’s in close proximity to pretty much everything you need in the area, and of course when you do need to pop to a meeting, you’re already in the station!

6. Summer RoofGarden St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

New to the area this year, this rooftop is the place to be, with delicious refreshments it’s a great place to go to for meetings, or if you just fancy a change of scenery from street level.

7. Pancras Square

Pancras Square is tranquil with plenty of seating options, and when you get peckish there are lots of food and drink choice

s as well.

8. Tavistock Square Gardens

Just a short walk from Euston Station, Tavistock Square Gardens is a breath of fresh air under a canopy of trees to give you a clear head. Relax on a bench and get your notes out!

9. Granary Square Brasserie

This stylish restaurant has an outdoor area overlooking the beautiful Granary Square, but if the sun (or rain) gets too much, move inside to escape the sounds of London and relax with a drink into a (working) hypnotic state.

10. Gasholder Park

When it’s just too hot to work inside, take your office out of doors and get comfortable on a lawn with a clear view of the canal. It’s nearly as good as being on the Costa del Sol…