Top Ten…Exhibitions to Enjoy Whatever the Weather

After a summer that left us feeling like we’d holidayed in the Sahara Desert, who knows what the British weather is going to throw at us next? That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best exhibitions to enjoy come rain or shine.

1. Deconstructing Patterns at The Crick

Get involved in installations, and learn a bit at the same time!



2. Sid Motion Gallery, ‘A Romance of Many Dimensions,’

A definite area highlight, you’re definitely going to want to go and check out the new Sid Motion exhibition for a relaxing afternoon out.



3. Michael Palin at the British Library

Who can resist some quintessentially British time spent at the British Library, especially as the weather turns. Find out how Michael Palin has contributed to the UK’s laughter in their new exhibition!



4. Medicine Now at the Wellcome Collection

You’re always welcome at the Wellcome Collection, and Medicine Now explores your relationship with science and medicine in this fascinating new exhibit. Come in and make yourself at home for a day of new facts.



5. SCOOP: A Wonderful World of Ice Cream

You found a day of sunshine? Congratulations! What are you doing wasting time staring at your screen? Head to British Museum of Food’s SCOOP, it really is a A Wonderful World of Ice Cream!



6. The Magic Circle

Have a magical time at The Magic Circle and learn about those who support it and who these enigmatic magicians really are.



7. A Postcard from London’s Canals at London Canal Museum

Step back in time and explore the area’s past and how people communicated in yesteryear with a trip to the London Canal Museum.



8. UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology

If you thought that UCL was just a university, you’re wrong! Catering to the curiosity of the local community, their museums are fascinating escapes to delve into when you spare moment in the heart of London.



9. Enid Marx at House of Illustration

If you’re not into the sciences, or just feel a creative streak coming on, make your way to House of Illustration where you can enjoy the prints, patterns and popular art of Enid Marx.



10. Windrush: Songs in a Strange Land at the British Library

You’ve come back full circle, but before you head home make sure to stop off at the British Library to explore the history of the Windrush Generation, a thought provoking installation with meaningful messages.