Top 10 tips to make the most out of working from home

Our friends at KX Recruit have compiled their top ten tips to make the most of working from home. Given the impact of the current situation and increasing numbers of businesses showing interest in making working from home a permanent fixture to some extent, this article may be more useful than ever.


1. Get an early start

Waking up at least an hour before you begin your workday can give you enough time to prepare for the day ahead. We all need time to adjust both mentally and physically before taking on a day filled with tasks and skype meetings. An advantage to working from home is the time you gain from avoiding the busy and often uncomfortable commute to work. You can utilise this time by doing something to boost your endorphins. This can be anything from Yoga, Pilates, Body Combat or Dance or something completely different – the choice is yours, pick your poison.

2. Pretend you’re going to the office

Yes, you may be working from home but that doesn’t mean you have to wear your dressing gown all day. Research has shown that dressing up can boost your mood and improve your confidence with many coining dressing up in fun clothes as ‘dopamine dressing’ because of the affect it can have on your mood. Furthermore, doing your daily grooming routine can help you retain a sense of normality and self-identity during this puzzling period.

3. Choose a dedicated workspace

A dedicated workspace can be the thing that separates your work life from your personal life; especially when you have no choice but to spend all your time at home. If you have access to a desk or a home office that works perfectly, if not there are alternatives. We recommend working at your dining table, or a windowsill in your apartment with a nice view, or even your dressing table. It is important that you feel comfortable and productive in this space.

4. Create a routine

Try to hold onto the positives from your daily routine but adapt them to fit in with your new environment. Routines help us to prepare for everything and get on with our lives so whether you used to have a morning coffee before cracking on with your work or working out at lunchtime. You can still do that at home with some minor adjustments. Remember the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine!

5. Stick to your work hours

This will help you to avoid overworking yourself. Sticking to your work hours gives an 8 hour window to focus and accomplish your tasks without taking the stress of your duties home with you. This will allow you to create a stable work-life balance which we all need. Make a rule that once you log out for the day that’s it – you can always fight the good fight tomorrow.

6. Keep in touch with your colleagues

Our workmates play a big part in our companies’ culture and our work lives. We see our colleagues more than we see our family and friends, so it makes sense to keep in touch with them. Schedule a call every day to talk about business related issues and to catch up with one another. This can be via video call or just on the phone – we promise it’ll make you feel less alone.

7. Make a to do list

It can be easy to get distracted when you’re at home but it’s important that you keep on track. Set yourself daily tasks to accomplish at the beginning of the day, this will give you a clear vision of what you should spend your time on. Try to minimise how much time you spend on social media and streaming services by only using them at lunch or setting a yourself a daily limit.

8. Create a playlist

Working in silence can sometimes be demotivating, especially when you’re alone – this is where your playlist comes in. Having a playlist of mood elevating, motivational tunes can get your head ready for whatever comes your way and can transform your afternoon slump. We would suggest a mixture of feel good songs to get you in the mood to have the best day!

9. Take breaks

Regular breaks from the computer screen is beneficial for your eyesight and posture. They also help your mind to reset and make space for fresh ideas. It is vital for you to have your lunch break and use that time to temporarily disconnect and gather your thoughts. During social distancing remember to always make time for yourself and prioritise your wellbeing.

10. End of the day routine

You made it! You completed a day of working from home – what will you do to blow off steam or let your hair down? Personally, we like to check in with my loved ones or watch a film but there are plenty of ways you can unwind. We recommend incorporating this into your daily routine this can be anything you like from watching a film per night, having a group chat with friends, playing your favourite game or having a cheeky (but responsible) drink. Celebrate making it through another day!


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