The Cally Festival

At Urban Partners we have been working on expanding the partnership’s boundaries as well as raising awareness in the area. We are aiming to ensure that local residents and businesses understand that we contribute towards making the area a better place to live, work and do business in, and that we can all work together to deliver this. As part of our aim to promote Urban Partners in the local community, we recently attended The Cally Festival.

The Cally Festival takes place annually on Caledonian Road, one of London’s most eclectic and exciting neighbourhoods. Every year the road gets closed so that 7,000 people can come together for free to enjoy festivities, live performances, activities, workshops, socialising and much more. The Cally Festival provides businesses with an opportunity to come together with other local companies, charities and initiatives to deliver something that the whole community can enjoy and benefit from.

The Cally Festival is supported by numerous organisations, including The Copenhagen Youth Project, an organisation Urban Partners works closely with to deliver projects such as The Youth Careers Expo, which is coming up in July 2018 and October 2018. This was a fantastic opportunity for Urban Partners to participate in an event where so many of our partnership businesses were represented, including Ted Baker, a business that contributes to many UP initiatives, including the Homework Club.

This year Ted Baker mentored Tashan from the Copenhagen Youth Project. His designs took centre stage at the fashion show on the Youth Stage at The Cally Festival, an example of the wonderful work we can bring about by working together for the local area and community.

Photos by Sam Lane.