St Pancras Old Church Invites You…

St Pancras Old Church has stood at the sacred heart of the local community of St Pancras, Euston and King’s Cross for over one thousand years. We are very proud to say that our tradition of extending a warm welcome to all those of faith and no faith has endured, as has our commitment to being a safe and quiet place for rest, reflection and prayer. This being never more needed during these complex and difficult times of pandemic that we all find ourselves in. Our small church was built by the Saxons next to the River Fleet and has been a refuge in war and plague, it survived the Reformation and the English Civil War, and narrowly escaped bomb damage in the Blitz. Throughout the centuries this ancient and holy place has fulfilled its sacred purpose with a millennium of baptisms, weddings and funerals celebrated and the worship of the Church has been offered daily. Old St Pancras has been a true hub of community activity and the doors of this holy place have remained open for local workers, residents and visitors seeking peace and sanctuary.

For readers interested in history, the church epitomises history on your doorstep. It represents the religious, literary and cultural heritage of London with an array of remarkable figures having passed through our doors such as Charles Dickens, Mary Wollstonecraft, Thomas Hardy and The Beatles. The church is a renowned and much-loved music venue with our evening performance schedule having resumed this autumn – follow on Instagram here.

The church continues its long tradition of supporting our communities who are most in need including our participation in offering night shelter to street homeless people, social activities for older, isolated residents and an after school club for children attending King’s Cross Academy. We are fortunate in the commitment of our volunteers in enabling these activities and extending a warm welcome to our guests. As an ancient place of worship, the church requires considerable building maintenance to ensure it stands strong. We recently completed urgent structural repairs that meant we could reopen safely, made possible from generous heritage grants from Historic England and National Churches Trust. We are now working hard to fundraise to refurbish the interior and to develop our future programme of community and heritage activities. To find out more and make a donation please click here.

St Pancras Old Church invites you to be part of our story. The church offers Urban Partner businesses and employees a place of prayer and quiet sanctuary every day, a rich history to explore and an opportunity to be part of the local community as a volunteer. Our Team Rector, Father James Elston, would be delighted to talk to you about how we can support each other: [email protected].