Spotlight on…Young Camden Foundation

Here at Urban Partners, we’re committed to making our neighbourhood a better place to live, work and do business. We are in regular contact with a range of charities from the local area so we can better understand how our local businesses and employees can help them achieve their objectives.

In addition to providing details of LOCAL AREA CHARITIES we also highlight those who have specific VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES to be filled throughout the year.

Each month, we spotlight a specific charity, in order to better educate local employees about the work they do. This month we visited the team at Young Camden Foundation.

Name of Charity: Young Camden Foundation

Address: 31 Hampstead Rd, London NW1 3JA


The Young Camden Foundation (YCF) believes, and is committed to ensuring, that all children and young people in Camden should have the support and opportunity to thrive, and believes it is only as a community, working together, that we can achieve this.


‘To grow a vibrant, resilient and connected community that is invested in supporting, and creating meaningful opportunities for, all children and young people in Camden’


The YCF, through their network of cross-sector member organisations, aims to create meaningful opportunities for children and young people in Camden.

In Camden, as across the country, there has been a significant reduction in funding for youth services. This has meant that the support and opportunities for young people have significantly diminished.

To ensure that all young people have the support they need, The YCF recognise the importance of building the resilience of the youth sector through bringing in new funding from a range of sources and strengthening its capacity.

Crucially, they recognise that the issues and barriers facing young people are complex and cannot be solved in isolation. The YCF are looking to be a catalyst for collaborative cross-sector solutions, to bring innovative entrepreneurial approaches to support local young people.

The YCF community is currently made up of over 100 different organisations:

Members: voluntary, charity and community groups operating within Camden, supporting children and young people under 25.

Partners: other local stakeholders that are committed to creating meaningful opportunities for children and young people in Camden, partners comprise of local business, cultural and statutory organisations.

Friends: local individuals committed to the aims of the YCF.

Success Stories:

In their first year YCF secured and distributed over £50,000 to support over 1,200 young people directly through 15 projects which encourage young people to work together across Camden’s diverse communities, to support youth volunteering and bring together the borough’s younger and older generations.

Kyro Brooks, Chief Executive, said: “YCF was formed to improve opportunities for all young people in Camden. We are delighted to be able to support such a variety of youth-led projects bringing communities together to support our young people. Camden’s cultural diversity is one of its greatest strengths. We are proud to be supporting projects which promote community cohesion and putting young people at the heart of what we do.”

Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council, said: “I’m really excited that the Foundation’s grants programme will support some powerful projects bringing people together across generations and cultures. Camden’s young people are growing up in a vibrant, diverse community where over 130 languages are spoken. I am proud of the creative, compassionate young citizens of Camden who are embracing this opportunity to show we are strongest when we are united.”

The foundation has recently released a further £60,000 through its summer opportunities fund.

Case Study:

The YCF supported the Coram’s Fields’ Homelessness Social Action Project which was the first social action project the organisation has delivered. The project has been instrumental in embedding a culture of social action and youth volunteering within their Youth Programme. Over the course of 7-months 15 young people implemented a diverse range of activities and events. The project had a remarkable impact on the lives of the young people who took part, both in terms of skills, knowledge and confidence, but also by opening their minds to the situations faced by those experiencing homelessness in Camden. As a result of the project Coram’s Fields are now registered to deliver the AQA Unit Award Scheme, allowing them to continue to accredit young people beyond completion of the project.

This project has won the 2018 London Youth’s Youth Social Action Award.


All donations are gratefully received and go directly to supporting opportunities for children and young people in Camden. Please e-mail YCF at [email protected] for more information on how to donate.


The YCF are always looking for volunteers who are passionate and committed to improving the lives of young people. For more information on how you can get involved e-mail [email protected]

Corporate Support:

The YCF see businesses playing a vital role in our community and helping to ensure that all children and young people in Camden should have the support and opportunity to thrive.

They would love to speak to any organisation who want to be part of their community, and support their mission. “We recognise that there are lots of different ways of supporting our work and the sector and we would love to have a conversation to ensure we are making the greatest impact.”

Please email their CEO, [email protected], to set up a conversation.