Here at Urban Partners, we’re committed to making our neighbourhood a better place to live, work and do business.

We are in regular contact with a range of charities from the local area so we can better understand how our local businesses and employees can help them achieve their objectives.

In addition to providing details of LOCAL AREA CHARITIES we also highlight those who have specific VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES to be filled throughout the year.

Each month, we also spotlight a specific charity, in order to better educate local employees about the work they do.

This month we visited the team at the New Horizon Youth Centre. Talking to Dean Harris (Operations Director) and Steve Templeman (Community and Corporate Development and Lifeskills Worker ) about the issues young people come to them with is a stark contrast to the economic transformation we’ve witnessed in the local area over recent years. A short walk from the heart of one of London’s most exciting new neighbourhoods, is a place that deals with the issues regeneration hasn’t been able to solve. From alcohol and drug addiction to abuse and homelessness, young people are given an opportunity (in many cases their last one) to turn their lives around before adulthood.

Name of Charity: New Horizon Youth Centre

Address: 68 Chalton St, London, NW1 1JR

Founded: 1967



“A lifeline for homeless youth, New Horizon provides unique, holistic support for London’s homeless and most vulnerable young people.”


Every year, thousands of young people across London become homeless because of family breakdown, domestic abuse, poverty, gang violence, or war and persecution in their home country. Under-resourced local authorities are only able to help a limited number of the most extreme cases, so the rest end up homeless and vulnerable at a critical point in their young lives.

They try to hold on to college places and take minimum wage jobs (35% of our clients are in work or education while homeless), but don’t earn enough to cover the spiralling cost of private rents. Their struggle to build a better life is often lost in the daily struggle of trying to find somewhere to sleep.

That’s why New Horizon Youth Centre exists.

We are a vital support network for 16-21 year olds who have no one else to turn to. We provide everything from hot food, showers and laundry to finding them accommodation, training and employment. We offer counselling, drug and alcohol support, health, fitness, art, music and communication skills workshops – everything they need to create a positive future.

We are open seven days a week from 10.30am to 4.00pm providing the following services:

  • Help with Accommodation
  • Employment, Education, Training
  • Self Development
  • Health and Fitness
  • Prison and Outreach

Success Stories

Ivan lived with his family in Tottenham but fell into gangs and petty crime. It became unsafe for him to stay at home due to this, so he began staying on acquaintances’ sofas and rough sleeping. After accessing our accommodation advice, Ivan came to New Horizon Youth Centre with anger management issues and behavioural problems. Staff referred him to a YMCA hostel and slowly helped him to begin resolving his issues, with our Sports & Fitness Programme proving key to Ivan’s transformation. Working with the team, Ivan learned how to respect boundaries, set goals and deal with setbacks in a positive way, eventually getting to a stage where he was ready to move on and find a job.

Through our Education, Employment and Training (EET) Programme Ivan was able to prepare for work, eventually securing a retail job. He continued to come to the Centre as a peer mentor to those on the EET Programme.Ivan is now employed as a mentor to young people with mental ill health. Without our intervention, young men like Ivan face a wasted life in prison or trapped in a cycle of gang violence.

Volunteer opportunities

Whether you choose the Administration, Youth Work, Outreach, Advice or Weekend team, we’ll facilitate your experience in our Centre.

A comprehensive induction, regular (accredited) training, support, lunch, travel expenses are all provided in addition to the opportunity to work alongside a dynamic and creative team and client group


“I owe you guys my life, because if it wasn’t for NHYC I would still be on the street” Shane, 19

“I had nothing, I was all alone and scared, I had no family and no friends. I came to New Horizon and they helped me, they guide you on a path, they give you hope… I’m completely happy” Sara, 20