Nine out of ten parents are concerned about what their children are doing online, yet very few know what they can do to help. Safety Net is a programme that helps teachers, parents and carers to keep children and young people safe online, and with the digital world changing constantly it is imperative that protective measures are put in place. Safety Net covers a broad spectrum of information, including searching the internet, social media, cyber bulling, hacking and scams, online games and privacy settings.

Urban Partners has promoted and supported the rollout of the Safety Net programme to 18 schools across Camden and Islington, with the scope to potentially increase this number. This has also been successfully linked to the Guardian News Wise Programme, a cross-curricular news project from the Guardian Foundation, National Literacy Trust and PSHE Association. Teachers from the 18 selected schools have attended a free workshop where to learn how to teach pupils to navigate the world of news.

Urban Partners successfully launched and measured the impact of the first round of Safety Net training. Moving forwards, Urban Partners are going to expand and tailor the Safety Net training to our member employees who are parents and/or are responsible for pupil’s education.

To find out more about Safety Net generally click here.

If you would like to learn more about Urban Partners’ role with implementing Safety Net, then please get in touch at [email protected].