Long a rundown, neglected area—with two dilapidated railway stations at its heart – King’s Cross and St Pancras has been successfully reinvented as an international transit hub, cultural world centre, and corporate office cluster…and done so without losing its unique urban character..

With numerous world class businesses relocating to the area, thousands of new jobs have been created and with St Pancras International and the King’s Cross estate both becoming destinations in their own right, hundreds of thousands more visitors are now welcome to the area annually. Euston’s transformation is on the horizon with HS2 being the catalyst in delivering 2,200 new homes and 16,000 new jobs above and around a world leading transportation gateway to London.

All of this means we have a varied and vibrant business community across the area. Urban Partners seeks to engage businesses, keep them informed on the local issues that affect them and develop programmes to support them.

We want to improve connectivity and accessibility to help employees, residents and visitors navigate the neighbourhood better. We work together to provide a collective voice, addressing some of the environmental concerns of our community, including introducing and supporting initiatives to reduce air pollution and waste.

We run a number of projects throughout the year to Represent our Businesses. Click on each project below to find out more:

The Wellbeing Walk

Destination Next 

Hero Projects