Reading Buddy Scheme – Argent and King’s Cross Academy

The Argent reading buddy scheme has been running at King’s Cross Academy since they opened in September 2015 and has so far impacted positively on over 100 children.

The main aim of the scheme has been to build the pupils’ love of the written word through being read to and reading with a buddy that is not a teacher or a member of the school team, but an individual from outside the school who can be a positive role model. Over 45 members of Argent staff read with early years children (nursery and reception). The children genuinely love their reading session with their buddies and are often protective of sharing them with other children in the class!

Since starting the scheme, King’s Cross Academy have realised that their children, through the help of their buddy, have increased their love of reading but their confidence levels have also increased. Having built a relationship with a trusted individual from outside the school, they’ve had the opportunity to develop their oracy skills through the conversations they have with their buddy. Oracy is invaluable in developing the full range of communication skills, including reading and writing.

The support that the school get from their buddies has helped the children in the early years to succeed and achieve and give them firm foundations as they continue their learning journey through the school.

Argent were in a unique position in setting up their scheme with King’s Cross Academy as it is a new school, developed as part of their King’s Cross Regeneration. If you are interested in finding out about their experience in setting up the scheme, please contact Jane Temple, [email protected]