KXR’s Top 5: Stand Out From The Crowd

Applying for a job can be difficult at the best of times but during the pandemic it has become even more
difficult to get an interview. This is a list of top tips courtesy of KX Recruit to help you stand out from the crowd and get the job!

1: Perfect your CV – It’s really important that your CV sells you. On average, an employer spends just 6
seconds looking at a CV, so it has to sell you and your transferrable skills easily. Unless applying for a
creative role avoid funky designs and keep it sharp and simple. If you live in the Camden or Islington borough, sign up here to their CV surgery to receive personalised support.

2: Fill your downtime – If you have a gap on your CV that’s getting bigger every day, it’s time to fill that gap! Employers love to hire busy and interesting people, so let’s make sure that you’re one of them. If you haven’t worked for a while or have no work experience, look for a volunteering opportunity to boost your CV. Do-it.org has lots of options, even remote working. This is a great way to get experience and show your interest in the type of roles you’d like to apply for.

3: Be shameless but humble – If you’re an artist, where are you showcasing your work? If you’re a writer, where can an interviewer read your latest piece? Nobody will find you if you hide your talent, so it’s time to shine! Create an online portfolio, get in touch with a local community centre or put on a mini event. This is the perfect time to collate your work or embark on a new project or showcase work that you’re currently working on in College/School. Be proud of what you’ve done and show it off to the world.

4: Who do you know? – It’s absolutely true that networking is a brilliant way to find out about new opportunities so get yourself out there! Twitter/LinkedIn/ Facebook are all great social media tools to network to find work but also speak to people you know. If you find someone who is doing your dream job, ask them about their journey and build that connection.

5: Be realistic – Finding a job during the pandemic is a slow process but don’t give up hope. Keep applying for roles, always include a covering letter to show genuine interest and make sure that the role fits your transferrable skills. If your skills don’t meet the requirements but you’re sure that this is the role for you, have a look for an apprenticeship as this can be the perfect way to earn whilst you learn. Apprenticeships in Camden click here. Apprenticeships in Islington click here.

A huge thank you to the team at KX Recruit for their top tips. If you’d like to find out more about the services that they offer please do so here.