KX Recruit’s Top 5: New Year, New Job

The 1st of January brings grim weather, extended waistlines and universal urgency for self-improvement. This year, however, will also bring a sense of relief as we conclude 2020 and a feeling of hope for the year ahead. Whether you were affected by the pandemic or just feel that 2021 is the year of change, January is the perfect time to look for a job. KX Recruit put together our top tips for keeping your job search refreshed and New Year ready!

1: Be Efficient – Don’t fall into the trap of looking for work all day – This can be draining and generally means you won’t be applying at your sharpest. I would suggest setting a dedicated time each day, turn off your phone and focus on the task of job searching.

2: Quantity not Quality – You’ll often hear about people who have applied for 1000s of jobs a week but don’t hear anything back – That can be really disheartening. The applications most likely to get noticed are personalised, include a covering letter and show enthusiasm to the role/industry. If you’re applying for 1000 roles a week, they won’t be good enough to catch a recruiter’s eye.

3: How Dirty is Your Virtual Laundry? – They often say don’t air your dirty laundry, but have you considered what you’re giving away on your social media profiles? Google your name, check the websites that come up (including pictures). It might have been a couple of years since that photo of you drunk, stealing a road sign at Uni but employers will judge and so, be careful! Check your social media accounts, too! Consider making them private or deleting comments that you now regret.

4: Highlight Your Way to the Top – You might think your CV is perfect but much like you, your CV is changing all the time. We can often miss things when looking at them on a computer and so print out a copy of your CV, grab a highlighter and read aloud your CV. This is a great way to find spelling errors, outdated info or bits that don’t make sense. Don’t forget, if you’re from Islington or Camden, you can sign up to our FREE CV surgery here.

5: Upgrade Yourself – Consider updating your professional skills by enrolling onto a free, online course or consider volunteering for a charity in a role that you’d like to do professionally. This can be a great way to improve your chances of standing out from the crowd.