At Urban Partners our aim is to make King’s Cross, Euston and St Pancras a better place to live, work and do business. We do this by focussing on 3 key areas: Benefiting our Employees, Representing our Businesses and Engaging the Next Generation.

Throughout the year, we run a number of projects to ensure we deliver on these goals but our 3 ‘Hero’ projects for 2017, the projects we will dedicate most time and effort, are The Wellbeing Walk, The Underpass Project and The Homework Club.

1) The Wellbeing Walk
This is the alternative walking route we launched in 2015 that allows people in the area to avoid the high levels of pollution on Euston Road. The Wellbeing Walk, which runs between St Pancras International Station and Euston Station (via Somerstown) has 50% less pollution than the traditional route, and was nominated for an excellence in cycling and walking award at the London Transport Awards in 2016. Last year, we secured temporary extension of the planning permission for signage, celebrated the first anniversary of the walk with a well-attended member event (with speakers from Camden Council and Transport for London) and secured funding with the support of the Cross River Partnership through its Clean Air Better Business programme. In 2017, will be working to secure a long term legacy for the project. Alongside a fundraising initiative, we will be appointing a design specialist to develop concepts for improved signage along the route and we will be promoting the Wellbeing Walk as a pilot which other areas of London could adopt.

2) The Underpass Project
In 2017 Urban Partners will take forward the project to improve the underpass running under the Euston Road from St Pancras International to the Crosstree redevelopment of the old Camden Town Hall. We are bringing together specialists from the worlds of art, technology and innovation to make sure this under used path becomes an inspiring place that people want to use, thereby reducing foot traffic on the Euston road and increasing safety.

3) The Homework Club
Research has shown many young people in the area don’t have a quiet place at home to study. In response to this, we launched an innovative pilot scheme working with Eurostar to provide young people with an inspiring place to do their homework after school. The pilot was a huge success and was expanded with Grant Thornton joining the programme and becoming a host. In 2017, we will be adding 3 more host companies to the programme, meaning we will be able to offer venues for young people to study every day after school. In addition to providing a quiet space, volunteers from member businesses have also given time to help students with French, History, Maths and Physics tuition.