The Urban Partners Football Competition is back and better than ever! Sponsored by Fidelity Payment, the games will be played every Thursday between 5-6.45pm at the Handyside Sports Pitch starting on Thursday 2 May 2019, and will be refereed by trained referees from Arsenal in the Community.
Rules and regulations of the competition can be found here.
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Group stage: Thursday 2 May – Thursday 6 June
Quarter-Finals: Thursday 13 June
Semi-Finals and the Final: Thursday 20 June


GROUP A – HS1, HS2, Bio Med Central, Affiperf

GROUP B – Havas International, Nike, Springer Nature,

GROUP C – Fidelity Payment, Kings Place, Cubitts

GROUP D – Havas Media, Nature Research


Springer 1 – Bio Med Central (Davy Faulkner)

Springer 2 – Springer Nature (Luke Fleet/Luke Batchelor)

Springer 3 – Nature Research (Tony Moreno)

Havas 1 – Havas International (Jamie Cobb)

Havas 2 – Affiperf (Edward Poulter)

Havas 3 – Havas Media (Elliott Murrary)


Kings Place – Tom Jeyes

Cubitts – Tom Broughton

Nike – Fabian Elliswilliams

HS1 – Keegan Carrick

HS2 – Mark Rose

Fidelity Payment – Donald Mbeutcha



Timings – Group Stage and Quarter Finals:

Game One: 17:10-17:30pm                     Game Two: 17:30-17:50pm

Game Three: 18:00-18:20pm                  Game Four: 18:20-18:40pm



Thursday 2 May 

HS1 v Bio Med Central (A)

Havas International v Nike (B)

Bend It Like Brexit v Fidelity Payment (C)

Havas Media v Comment is FC (D)


Thursday 9 May

HS2 v Affiperf (A)

Springer Nature v Pep Guardianola (B)

Fidelity Payment v Kings Place (C)

Comment is FC v Nature Research (D)


Thursday 16 May

Bio Med Central v HS2 (A)

Nike v Springer Nature (B)

Kings Place v Cubitts (C)

Havas Media v Nature Research (D)


Thursday 23 May

Affiperf v HS1 (A)

Pep Guardianola v Havas International (B)

Cubitts v Bend It Like Brexit (C)

Comment is FC v Havas Media (D)


Thursday 30 May

HS1 V HS2 (A)

Springer Nature v Havas International (B)

Bend It Like Brexit v Kings Place (C)

Havas Media v Nature Research (D)


Thursday 6 June

Bio Med Central v Affiperf (A)

Fidelity Payment v Cubitts (C)

Nike v Fidelity Payment – friendly, Nike to retain 3 point victory


Thursday 13 June


Game One – Affiperf v Fidelity Payment

Game Two – Kings Place v Nature Research

Game Three – Springer Nature v Havas Media

Game Four – Bio Med Central v Havas International


Thursday 20 June


Affiperf v Bio Med Central     4 – 5

Nature Research v Springer Nature    1 – 0



Bio Med Central v Nature Research    4 -1


Congratulations to BMC who have been crowned the UP Football Comp 2019 winners! 



Group Stage Results

Group A

Bio Med Central320156


Group B

Springer Nature320196
Havas International320186


Group C

Fidelity Payment3201146
Kings Place320166


Group D

Nature Research4301169
Havas Media4202156