Career Videos: Next Generation Outreach

As part of their 100 hours World of Work initiative, Islington Council have asked Urban Partners members to support local students with video insights into their working lives. We are also supporting a similar push by Camden Council to give students this insight and are asking members to supply videos with permission to be used by both local authorities.

The videos should be individuals speaking for 5-10 minutes on their career path, a day in the life of their role and how the pandemic has affected their working life. We are hoping that the breadth of sectors our members operate in will allow us to give students a wide range of insights.

We are especially looking for videos from individuals who have followed less conventional career paths to arrive at their current role and insight into roles within organisations that students may not know exist. That said, both councils will welcome videos from anyone and everyone who is willing to provide one. However, we need, more than ever, to emphasise diversity and ensure students are seeing a range of people speaking to them about employment who reflect the highly diverse area that Urban Partners works to support.


Islington Council have produced detailed guidance on how to film a video (that meets the needs of Camden Council also), but key points to be consider when filming your video are:

  • Start with a warm welcome and introduce yourself, where you work and your job title
  • Explain your career path, going through each job role and talking about the skills and qualifications you have picked up on the way
  • Explain a typical day in the life of your current job role
  • Discuss how the pandemic has affected your role, particularly if you are working from home
  • Encourage students to stay positive
  • Finish the session by doing a brief summary


Islington Council Filming at Home Guide: for filming guidance which meets the needs of both Islington and Camden Council.

Should you be interested in recording a video please email [email protected] and a member of the team will liaise with you directly.

We would like to thank you in advance for any support you can provide with this initiative and a huge thank you to those who have already participated and recorded their video.