Camden’s 21st Century Talent Pledge

Camden believe that employers and educators should work together to deliver a ‘STEAM’ (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) approach to build the talent pipeline. This means merging creative, scientific and digital means to equip the younger generation with the skills they need to acquire a job in the 21st century.

Over the summer Ted Baker got involved with STEAM, participating in the design, delivery and judging of the Camden STEAM Summer Challenge. Peter McDonough, Ted Baker’s Historian in Residence and Urban Partners’ Next Generation Coordinator, said that ‘all of the young people who took part totally immersed themselves in the project. For 5 days, their main topics of conversation ranged around issues such as: the political situation in Italy, Donald Trump’s trade wars, ethical production, design inspirations, doing business in Lagos, social media campaigns in Sweden, Brexit and, of course, the all-important bottom line.’ Ted Baker plans to continue working with this 2018 team this year, before participating in the Challenge in 2019.

Employers can take part in Camden’s 21st Century Talent Pledge, and by doing so will volunteer at least one STEAM ambassador to work with schools and young people to develop and inspire the STEAM curriculum and enhance career education. They will also welcome and inspire this future workforce through enrichment activities, such as workplace visits, work experience placements, one-to-one mentoring, speeches and masterclasses. Offering paid internships and apprenticeships are also encouraged.

STEAM will build your CSR credentials, and the Camden 21st Century Talent Pledge logo can be used on your website and letterhead. Your business will be listed on the Camden Council website, the Camden Magazine and will be promoted via the Council’s social media channels. Participating in this scheme also means that you are eligible to win a Camden STEAM Employer award, boosting your business’s reputation and making it a more desirable place to work.

By participating in this initiative you are encouraging and supporting the next generation, securing local talent for your business as well as training and support to build connections with local schools. As Peter noted after the Summer Challenge, ‘this area represents our past and present and working with Camden, our junior Teds and other friends and partners, we can all see more than a glimpse of a truly exciting future.’